Monday, August 31, 2015

Plein Air Exercise...

These past few days I retreated to a Childhood Camp with my Daughter.

I attended Camp Teresita Pines, in Wrightwood, CA as a child, returned as a Counselor, and to this day maintain some of the best friends, friendships, sisterhood, and so much more with the women I grew up with and their extended families.

I took some time to slow down and breath (laryngitis won) but I just slowed down a bit.

 One of my favorite spots in camp is our chapel. It has been officially categorized as a historic landmark....  The camp was opened in the 20's by the Catholic Daughter's and functioned as an All Girl's Camp through the 1990's.  It has since been purchased and now lovingly run, restored and upgraded by the LIONS.  Lions Camp At TERESITA Pine's!!!

Every morning at camp I wake up to no alarm clock. I allow the Blue Stellar Jays and Woodpeckers to call and wake me up. Day one at 6:05.  This time I took my Canvas Pad and laid out a plan for my oil painting.

I have done various Watercolors, Sketches, and Ink Drawings of this chapel to the point that I could sketch it by memory... I sketch in Plein Air and watch the sun come up as the changes in lighting and shadows are just magical.
I blocked in some of this color while Fiona slept. I sat outside my cabin door and worked from memory...  Then on Sunday morning I returned early to finish...
I will probably add a few minor details, but for the most part it's done.  And this original will remain mine.... I am going to frame it and keep it for me.  Perhaps I will make prints or notecards from the image... But we'll see.   

And... Yes, Fiona and I had a great time!!! 
Fiona practices Archery

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